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Revolutionizing Road Trips: Mansilla Metal Works' Custom Travel Trailer Bumper with Multi-Utility Features

Updated: Jan 26

Custom-built RV bumper by Mansilla Metal Works, featuring a spare tire, generator, 6-gallon gas tank, and a black water hose compartment, showcasing the exceptional craftsmanship and welding skills available at a welding shop near me.
Custom-Built RV Bumper by "Mansilla Metal Works" Welding Shop: A Masterpiece of Functionality and Design

Greetings to all our road warriors and travel enthusiast! At Mansilla Metal Works, we are excited to share with you a project that's close to our heart and sure to revamp your travel experience. We've crafted a custom travel, trailer, bumper a true masterpiece of utility and design that incorporates a generator, a 6 gallon fuel tank, a spare tire, and even a clever storage solution for your waist hose.

The Core Build: Sturdy and Spacious

Our journey began with selecting the perfect material, a robust 6 in square tube with a 1/8 in wall thickness, offering both strength and durability. These 92 inch long tube forms the backbone of our bumper, designed to endure the rigor of the road while providing ample storage space.

A robust, custom-built RV bumper by Mansilla Metal Works, featuring essential road-trip accessories: a securely mounted spare tire, a powerful generator, a 6-gallon gas tank, and a dedicated compartment for a black water hose. This image showcases the exemplary welding and fabrication skills you can expect from welding shops near me search..
Custom-Built RV Bumper by "Mansilla Metal Works" Welding and Fabrication Shop: Integrating a Spare Tire, Generator, 6-Gallon Gas Tank, and Black Water Hose Compartment – A Testament to Top-Notch Welding and Craftsmanship.

Spare Tire Integration with a Twist

Understanding the need for emergency preparedness we incorporated a spare tire into the design. But, we didn't just add a tire; we modified the tire bracket to fit snuggly onto the 6 in square tube, ensuring that the tire is not only secure, but also compliments the overall aesthetic of the bumper.

Generator and Fuel Tank: A Level Above

On top of the bumper sits an ingeniously designed platform, home to a generator and a fuel tank. The generator nestled comfortably below the fuel tank, is given at 3 inch clearance above it. This space is critical for easy removal and service of the generator, ensuring that you're never left powerless on your adventures.

Safety First: Secure and Steady

To secure the generator, we've added a half inch steel bar on the platform. This bar isn't just a structure feature; it is your piece of mind. It serves as a reliable anchor point for a strap to hold the generator firmly in place, no matter the terrain.

Innovative Waste Hose Storage

One of the most unique features of these bumper is its ability to store a waste hose inside the 6 inch tube. With swinging perforated cups on both ends, accessing the house is a breeze this innovative design choice saves space and keeps the house hidden, ventilated and protected.

Aesthetic Perfection: Sleek and Stylish

last but certainly not least we gave the entire structure a coat of primer and a finish with satin black paint. This choice was not just for durability, but also to give the bumper a slick & sophisticated look that enhances the visual appeal of your travel trailer.

At Mansilla Metal Works, we believe in pushing the boundaries to design and functionality. This custom travel trailer bumper is more than just a part of your vehicle; is a testament to our commitment to quality innovation and the spirit of adventure. Whether you're planning a weekend getaway or a cross-country tour, our custom bumper ensures that you are equipped for anything the road throws your way.

We are thrilled to have brought this product to life, and even more excited to see it become a part of your travel stories. If you're looking to customize, your travel trailer bumper or have any metal needs remember Mansilla Metal Works is here to turn your vision into a stunning reality. Reach out to us, and let's craft your next road companion together.

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